Imagine  your child coming home with stories to tell of what he read today.

Imagine  her humming Mozart while dry-brush painting a maple leaf.

Imagine  him apologizing for a discourtesy, without prompting.

Imagine  her naming the artist as you walk past a work of beautiful art.

Imagine  him loving school, loving to learn, excelling in math.

Imagine  having your child back, the one who couldn’t wait for one more chapter.

We do more than imagine, we bring this home.
Experience a ‘living education’ here in Colorado.

Discover a Classical Education in a South Denver Christian School
Welcome to Ambleside.

Founded on Charlotte Mason's classical curriculum, a living education empowers students to author lives that are full and free — rich in relationship to God, self, others, ideas, work, and creation. A living education provides the tools people need to live well in all aspects of their lives — personal and professional, present and future. If you are looking for something different in a Denver Christian school, something unique, consider this living education, with its view of success for every child.
Children who receive a living education grow in relationship to the knowledge of God, man, and the universe. They mature in relating to, forgiving, and supporting one another. They become persons who give to society, love their family and neighbors, and cultivate a rich intellectual life.
Families are drawn to Ambleside for several key reasons. We have small class sizes that are limited to sixteen students, fostering personal interaction between children and teachers. Parents looking for a place where their children will be loved and challenged will find that at Ambleside.
The atmosphere at Ambleside is Christ-centered and life-giving. Many parents want consistency between home, church, and school. They appreciate the way that teachers both encourage and exhort their students, and sense the balance between high standards and grace.
The academic program at Ambleside is rich and rigorous. Students interact with great works of literature, science, music, and art. The result is children who love to learn and find delight in God's creation. Through training in habits of attention, students are equipped for a lifetime.
Like Mason’s students, our children spend much time outdoors, doing significant work with their hands, acting out drama through their imagination, and gaining mastery of cultural pursuits, including technology, mathematics, sports, expressing ideas, and speaking publicly.
Ambleside students become consistent in habits of directing attention, learning, and working with effort. Ambleside is not your typical Denver Christian school.  We strive to provide students with food for their minds, even as they train to direct their attention to texts and to acts of knowing.